Oct 24th: My new Android pages are online now. Not too much content yet, but it will grow. Checkout BeeGee's Desire.
Feb 21th: Updated my PDA pages with a new solution for Softbank S!Mail. New photo pages are up as well. And the download pages for HTC Touch Diamond 2 are running now as well.
Jan 16th: Long time no updates. Life in Japan is so busy. Moved to new server hardware Synology.
Apr 18th: In the middle of updating my pages. Disabled my webcam for now. Makes still problems.
Mar 14th: Still problems with my WebCams. Will try to work with one cam only for testing
Mar 13th: Found my problem with the Webcam, the streamed video size was too big. Heavy load crashed my server. Changed the size to 480x320, now its working. Found some nice tools on OFX, Your Currency Converter and Currency.com. You can see the new country based welcome on my homepage, the Euro to Yen chart and Currency table on the MyWorld page.
Mar 7th: Strange problem with my WebCams. The webcam server crashes regularly. Still investigating
Mar 4th: New WebCam software installed. As it is working different, I needed to change the webcam page. There are now 2 pages, one for Tokyo view, one for Shinjuku view
Feb 28th: Google Ads deleted, because I didn't earn anything :(
Feb 22nd: Only one page for the PDA phones is missing. And I added Google ads again.
Feb 15th: Started to add some pages with informations about PDA phones in Japan. To be continued.
Jan 30th: Removed Adbrite advertisments because I did not earn any money.
Jan 8th: I wish everybody a happy new year. My new server HW is now up and running. Hope it makes less problems then the last one.
Nov 24th: As Google Ads has banned my site :(( I changed all ads to AdBrite.
Oct 4th: MyVideoLinks News as RSS feed now on homepage visible.
Sep 15nd: Updated the Automotive page with more RSS feeds.
Aug 23nd: New online user tracker from "FeedJit" added.
Aug 2nd: Reworking my photo gallery finished.
July 21st: Reworking my photo gallery. PHP is getting too slow, so I use now "Web Album Generator" to create the picture pages as HTML.
July 12th: Only 2 webcams are active from now on. Too much load on my server with more than 2 cams.
June 29th: I have split the worldmap page to 2 separate pages and added more information there.
May 27th: My server is back to life again. After some serious problems with my Japanese ISP which ended with my offer to cancel the contract, they decided to solve the problems. Now my server is back! Minor changes on some pages and a new mail server is running now too.
May 18th: Changed from Janaserver to Apache as HTTP server software. A lot of work, but the pages are loading much faster now.
May 4th: Reworked all my pages and checked them with W3C. Now all my pages are XHTML 1.0 compliant.
April 20th: Finished latest updates and corrections on the site.
April 16th: I changed the complete layout of the pages from tables to dividers, this should it make easier for future changes. I changed as well to ths strict use of CSS files. Unknown technical expressions for you??? Well, with the change to DreamWeaver, I learned about all this within a few days. ;-)
April 3rd: Finished my page Learning Japanese for now.
April 2nd: Added a new page, Learning Japanese, where I put everything that I found helpfull while starting to learn Japanese speaking, writing and reading. Not complete yet.
March 30th: I am so disappointed with Netobject Fusions bugs, that I decided to change to Dreamweaver. Spend the whole day with copying the content of my website to DreamWeaver. Now its up and running again. But DreamWeaver is making me headaches. Its much more complicate than Netobjects.
March 28th: Deleted some pages that I didn’t really use and added direct link to the video site. Changed as well the maps and clocks and weatherforecasts on Worldmap and Fonero
January 22nd: Moved to Japan and after weeks, my website is up again. But I had a problem with my PC and some files were corrupted. So I had to rebuild the website from an older version again. Some of the history entries are lost. But now everything is up and running again.
September 1st: Changed again the template :-)
August 25th: Changed to NOF 10 and decided to stay with this template and font
August 24th: Added a site for learning japanese writing.
August 23rd: Mahal ko has occupied some space on my server for her Video Website
August 21st: playing around with different styles for the webpage
August 7th: changed search function and every page now shows a diffrent random pic from my photo gallery
August 6th: updated the links page
August 5th: changed layout and added search feature
June 3rd: Moved to a new server hardware
February 8th: deleted guestbook, because an asshole found it funny to fill it with shit :(
January 14th: added guestbook
January 6th: updated webcams again, changed photos section
December 23rd: changed webcams
April 29th: Replaced Worldmap with the most recent one November: added chatbox
April 28th: Added a map that shows FON members and their accesspoints.
April 20th: Since today I'm member of the FON movement. Check out the link on the left side to get more informations!
April 2nd: Added worldtimes on Worldmap page
April 1st: 2nd webcam is running
March 27th: Added random picture of my Japan Trip 2005
March 18th: Added cool WorldMap
March 11th: Added my photo album