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I live in Tokyo, Japan.


Or to be more precise, in Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to.

I live and work here since December 2007. Of course it's not my first time in Japan. I was coming frequently for business to Japan and Asia since 2001.

The biggest challenge is still the language. It's not only the speaking, but as well the reading. If you want to buy a detergent and cannot read what is written on the package, you might end up with buying a whitener. This might have terrible results for your clothes.

I collected some site links and usefull files here: Japanese learning


Here are some more links to usefull links about Japan in English:


On the map below you can see the building where my apartment is. Clicking on the blue marked streets give you an additional 360deg view from the street.

My Tower Residence


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